Week #43(20)

Week #43(20)
Everyone was very excited... Then it began... The race was beginning! Every student was trying so hard to reach the first place. Phil was the one who ran the fastest. That didn't surprise anyone because Phil is very energetic all the time. However, one of his friends, Laura, is pretty lazy and inactive. One day, she said to Phil: "I wish I could be more energetic, like you.". Phil said: "Don't worry, Laura. I'll help you. To be more energetic, you have to spend time outside and playing sports or doing outdoor activities.". "Okay, I'll try.", said Laura. From that day on, she became more active and energetic. And, believe it or not, Laura beat Phil when the race was about to end and then she won the race! After that, she figured out a lesson: You should spend much time outside and don't spend too much time on computer games!


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