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Week #48(20)

Oh my god! Take a look at this picture! Where have all the ice gone? They have melted. The Earth has become so hot recently that a large area of ice has melted. That has caused the rise of the sea level and coastal erosion. All of those phenomena have heavily influenced our life nowadays. What we can do to reduce global warming is reducing the number of trash we waste every day. Protecting the environment is protecting your life.

Week #47(20)

Today, in my art class, the teacher said that we can draw whatever we like. I was thinking about the topic for my picture. Suddenly, I had an idea and then I drew a boy eating a jar of frozen yogurt. But when I looked back, it was so ugly. So I decided to repaint a new one. I used my rubber to erase it. This time, I drew a striped tiger drinking water from a stream. And, believe it or not, my painting got the highest marks in the whole class! I was so excited!

Week #45(20)

What is the worst day of your life? Let me tell you about mine. It was such a normal day. I got up and quickly had my breakfast and then I drove to the port to see how the ship was working. But, unfortunately, it was sinking so hard and there were about thirty cars on it, and they were sinking, either! I was shocked, but then I calmed myself and called my friends for help. I couldn't believe that they could come to the port just in a minute or two, but then all of us could do nothing with the sinking ship and the cars. I was standing there, staring at the ship in a hopeless sight. What would happen to me next? Would I have to pay a fine for that? Predict it by yourself.