Week #44(20)

That was my first day at my new school. At first, I had no friends there. But after that day, everything changed. When we finished our morning class, I came to the hall to have lunch. But then, I recognized something was wrong: I forgot my lunchbox! At that moment, a crowd of students was standing near me. They stared at me, and then the crowd erupted with laughter. "Don't know where the hall is, new student? Follow us!", they said to me and I followed them. Then, at the hall, they shared me their lunch and we chatted together and became close friends.


  1. Hello! I thought your story might not have had a happy ending so was very pleased when it did. I think your story does provide a really good message about the choices that people can make. Instead of making fun of you and/or being bullies they decided to help you. I think it was really good how you set the scene at the start of your story and how it contrasts so well with the ending of your story. Well done.


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